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About Coco Noir Wine Shop & Bar

CoCo Noir Wine Shop & Bar is the newest wine shop located in Black Art’s Business Movement District in Oakland California in the Downtown Area. We are a Black Owned and Women Owned business operating in the hospitality and wine space. We are customer’s multilevel experience that includes wine tasting, wine retail, private events, and small tapas bites.



The mission of our company operates on a triple bottom line business model that is diversity, inclusivity, and social impact focus.

Diversity Model

We are committed to providing integrated approach that is comprised of selling wines offered by BIPOC, POC, Women, and other diverse winemakers & negotiants. In addition to offering diverse wine brands, we are committed to selling beer, non alcoholic beverages, and small tapas bites by BIPOC, POC, and Women companies. 


Inclusivity Model

Our business is open to all people. We aim to offer exceptional customer service.

Social Impact Model

Our products that we sell are produced by BIPOC, POC, and Women winemakers and negotiants.  We are committed to selling sustainable and environment products. 



The vision for our company is to be the premier wine shop in the Bay Area that sells great wines made by BIPOC, Women, and POC winemakers & negotiants.  

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